05 Feb

The Top Five Ways to Make Sure You have a Successful Conference

Organising a conference is not as easy as it sounds – there are many things to consider if you want to make it as successful as possible. On the other hand, it doesn’t have to be that hard; with a little bit of forethought and good organisation you are sure to pull of the best event ever. Have you ever wondered what makes a conference or meeting successful? Don’t over-think it; there are some simple rules to follow. Here are the top five ways to make sure you have a successful conference.

Get good speakers

A strong stage setup is probably the first thing you should think about – nobody likes dull speeches, even if they are of importance. Even the most important lessons are learned better when there is some entertainment element to them, so finding speakers who can crack a joke now and again will go a long way to making the event a success.

Watch the time

We live in a high-speed world, and the age where even the dullest of scientists are willing to go through hours and hours of information is long gone. Keep your messages as short as possible. This does not mean you should compromise on thoroughness – it does mean that you should keep it to the essentials and implement the necessary breaks.


Sell, sell, sell

If you’re selling seats to your convention, it’s better to oversell – there usually is a drop-off rate, and not everyone will be in attendance. Even if you have reached your quote, count on 5% of the attendees calling off.

Make sure you can take breaks

You won’t be able to entertain the crowd by speeches and through people who are on stage the whole time, no matter how funny or jovial they may be. Your audience will need to take a break to entertain themselves and their fellow attendees by themselves. Room for decompression and space for relaxation is just as important. That’s why a conference venue Midlands such as Heythrop Park, with its hotel accommodations, wide open spaces, and ample break-out rooms is ideal.

Record it

For those who are not able to attend: record it and sell it later. For those who are able to attend: record it and sell it right there and then.

Last, but certainly not least: make sure you have fun. This is often easier said than done (especially if your conference is about a serious topic), but it’s very, very important. Keep the atmosphere as relaxed as possible, and do everything in your power to make sure your attendees feel relaxed. People who feel they can lay back are more likely to participate and learn; attendees who feel they have fun are more likely to have positive feelings about the conference once the events are over. Give them an event to remember, and you’ll know you will have been successful.

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