27 Apr

3 Tips to Help You Save Money on Your Wedding Day

If there was one thing which weddings are known for around the globe, it’s their cost. As weddings become more and more grand they also become more and more expensive!

However, it’s important to remember that the day is to show your love off to the world, not to spend a lot of money. With that in mind, below are some great tips for a budget conscious soon-to-be couple to consider when planning their wedding to keep costs down.

Let the Date Choose You

Yes, you read that right. Instead of booking your function hall or wedding space on a special day (which may other couples also share and are willing to pay for the privilege), find the perfect place first, and then work around their schedule. While this could mean a wedding at a less than ideal time of the year, the savings will allow you to hire a more lavish space than you could with your previously chosen special date.


If you are bringing in your relatives from far away, then it can start to get expensive when you are looking to book hotel accommodation for everybody. Instead of trying to cram everybody in spare rooms, look through the Groupon Coupon page for Motel 6 to get some great group room rates for your family to stay.

Sales and Discounts

Speaking of vouchers, there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying decorations for your wedding when you see them on sale. In fact, as you are designing your wedding, keep your eye out for sale items. Fabric stores are a great place to browse as they often have last-yardage rolls which they can sell you cheap to use as table runners or chair back ties.


The right floral arrangement can turn a bland wedding into a beautiful one. However, they almost always come at a high cost. However, there is an alternative.

First, look online through wedding forums and sites for ideas on how to design your own floral arrangement. Remember to look closely at the style and how each arrangement is constructed. There will likely be online tutorials which can help you. Take into account any other decorations you have to ensure it ties in.

Once you know what you need, head down to your local flower market (it might be a small drive away) and place an advanced order. By making your own floral arrangements you can not only save serious cash on the flowers themselves, but you don’t have to pay a florist to arrange them for you.

When it comes to hosting the perfect wedding, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to look great, you just need to know tricks and tips, like the ones mentioned above. SO instead of deciding that you can’t have the wedding you want because you can’t afford it, start to realize the great wedding that you can have on your current budget and enjoy your beautiful day!

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